Business Process

Processes are windows into the way the organization operates.  A business is composed of people, many processes, and often many different systems.  Private companies and government agencies of all sizes have business process automation requirements for efficiency, speed, and competitive advantage.  Blending people and work together with greater precision, ProSidian supports client’s strategies to speed process interaction, enhance management and operations, maintain compliance, and improve customer service.

Our unique combination of technology know-how business savvy, and industry experience has helped us increase business profitability for private companies and government agencies of all sizes seeking to accomplish more in less time.  ProSidian Consulting helps clients build internal operating capabilities through business processes that contribute to sustainable competitive advantage.  We support the automation of process and management activities that assist in effectively managing the business. 

Our engagement teams align business effectiveness and efficiency with strategies for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.  Our pragmatic operational designs/solutions focus on delivering the highest benefit while subjecting your organization to the least amount of organizational change.  Our mandate is very clear; continuously finding ways to add value to the customer while producing results through a structured approach to strategic solutions that are better, faster, and at a lower cost.

We leverage a standard Process Classification Framework (PCF) – taxonomy of cross-functional operating and management processes that enable objective comparison of organizational performance.  ProSidian Consulting’s strengths lie in the ability to assist organizations in creating seamless operating environments where business strategies, processes, people, assets, and information technology perform at their highest potential. 

In short, we assist clients to continuously improve processes through:

Business Process Analysis & Design: Encompasses both the identification of existing processes and designing the “to-be” process.

Business Process Modeling and Monitoring: We model and monitor processes of an enterprise and support client initiatives to improve process quality and efficiency.

Business Process Automation & Optimization: We support process optimization and management strategies that effectively streamline management across the enterprise. 

Business Process Execution & Management: Aligning client business processes with requirements of client stakeholders. 

Business Process Control & Compliance: We help private companies and government agencies of all sizes ensure processes, operations and practice are in line with a prescribed and/or agreed set of compliance agendas.  We work with clients to ensure effective modeling of control objectives and subsequently their propagation onto business process models.

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