Message From Top Management

Following our mission to “Help Forward-Thinking Clients Solve Problems And Improve Operations,” ProSidian Consulting, which will celebrate its 12th year since its founding in 2008, has responded to the expectations of industry and its clients through innovation, collaboration, and a “Structured Approach To Strategic Solutions.” 

Established as a management and operations consulting firm, ProSidian offers enterprise solutions for Risk Management | Compliance | Business Process | IT Effectiveness | Energy & Sustainability | Human Capital, and has honed its abilities across CONUS/OCONUS Engagements for Private Companies, Fortune 1,000 Enterprises, and Government Agencies of all sizes.  Our Services are deployed across the enterprise, target drivers of economic profit (growth, margin, and efficiency), and are aligned at the intersections of assets, processes, policies, and people delivering value.

Currently, the world is facing a variety of changes, including issues related to resource shortages and climate change, demographic changes brought on by the aging of industry and globalization, and the issues related to diversity and inclusion.  In response to these challenges, more than 100 professionals contribute their talents as ProSidian employees, fellows, contractors, and collaborating partners.  To satisfy the multidisciplinary demands of our work, we employ individuals expert in a range of fields, including policy, economics, finance, engineering, and science.  Most of our consultants hold one of the following positions:

  • Principals are the owners and managers of ProSidian.  They direct management, operations, compliance, ethics, strategic collaboration, and business development initiatives
  • Engagement Team Leads are responsible for projects and staffing, review outgoing work products, market new work to clients, and oversee ProSidian’s internal decision-making and administrative staff.
  • Senior Managers typically are responsible for the day-to-day management of projects, including methods development, task assignment, budgeting, and client communications.  As senior staff members, they assist Principals and Engagement Team Leads with marketing and firm management.
  • Senior Technical Consultants are a diverse group of senior experts.  Through extensive industry experience and project work, they have developed specialized skills in areas such as data analytics, finance, sustainability, and resource economics, among others.
  • Senior Consultants typically have decades of experience both at ProSidian and in other contexts.  They complement their analytic skills with project management capabilities, providing ProSidian with added flexibility for responding to client needs.
  • Associates handle an array of tasks, depending on their tenure and technical expertise.  Associates are the primary analysts on most projects, executing methods that they and other project team members develop.  They frequently are responsible for structuring and writing reports, presentations, and other communications.
  • Research and Operations Analysts (RA/OAs) at ProSidian work with supervisors to gather, manage, analyze, and present data central to project objectives.  Depending on their level of experience, Research and Operations Analysts also interpret findings, refine analytic methods, and contribute to written products.  While all other ProSidian consultants hold graduate degrees, RAs generally have undergraduate degrees in disciplines such as economics, mathematics, and environmental science.
  • ProSidian also relies on excellent professional administrative staff to carry out the business functions of the Firm.  The administrative staff supports the efforts of the consulting teams in such areas as Contracts Administration, Computer Resource Management, Human Resources, Accounting, Facilities Coordination, Design, and Executive Support.

ProSidian aims to become a leader with the goal of stimulating further growth.  Throughout our history, we’ve learned many lessons, but none more important than this: success is born through Collaborative Contributions of individuals who are respected for their differences, and encouraged for their ability to visualize, analyze, and convert data and experiences to meet performance challenges while confidently engaging in productive “Jugaad” and dialogue targeting mission success.  Solving the most intractable problems, while not being above the most mundane tasks, our activities in business and in society, require collaboration, cooperation, and connection.

While Plan “B” is really just Plan “A,” we can’t go it alone.  It doesn’t matter how fast you get there, or your mode of transport; as long as you plan to go the distance, we are there with you.  We depend on material engagement and people power because as operating models change – culture remains key.  In simpler times, going it alone was an option. Not anymore. The tremendous economic, social, and political disruption brought on by industry catalyzes many to seek alliances and opportunities for teamwork—ideas ProSidian embraced years ago. 

It’s fair to say ProSidian owes its existence to its ability to connect with others. It’s our entire business model.  The connections we make—across businesses, disciplines, and borders, as well as with other organizations—are at the core of our success.  These connections are cemented by our technical abilities, professionalism, and platform of material engagement.  We hire individuals and teams who have depth and breadth of experience and a functional, technical, or industry specialty. 

What attracts professionals to build careers at ProSidian Consulting?  Many ProSidian employees say it is our culture.  Our employees place client reference ability, teamwork, integrity, and accountability, above all else.   ProSidian’s culture values the individual’s contributions and provides the resources you need to excel.  Also, there is a positive, goal-oriented attitude.

Our vision is to be recognized as the trusted business advisor to clients in the markets we serve.   We help clients develop business strategies, improve operational effectiveness, and implement the projects required to achieve results.  We are challenged to win, and we play to win.  The culture also supports teamwork on flexible project teams, across disciplines, and throughout the organization.  Our collective efforts focus on meeting the client’s needs first and foremost through a culture where an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the individual form the cornerstone of advisory services.

In challenging times, we’re #BetterTogether to build a better working world.  As we evolve, we continue to make an impact and continue to explore the power of connection in terms of how we develop people, create opportunities, build trust across the ecosystem, and develop comprehensive solutions for ProSidian clients.  These four areas are connected and interdependent.  Clients trust ProSidian services because we trust and cultivated top talent and client deliverables to provide insights that help solve their toughest problems and improve operations.

While financial performance is important, we take a broader view, measuring success by the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet.  As the world’s problems get tougher, jobs get more complicated, and expectations of business grow, the connections we make will be more important than ever. ProSidian is uniquely positioned to “connect the dots,” both internally and externally—flexing our strengths as a CONUS/OCONUS Professional Services Firm and a “Do Good” player in the ecosystem. That’s why we’re optimistic ProSidian has a very bright future ahead and are excited to continue our shared quest of advancing business, people, communities, and the world.