ProSidian Fellowship Program

How We Collaborate To Win

At ProSidian we do business with a structured approach to strategic solutions. We’re a community of professionals dedicated to working with business leaders – as part of their teams – to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out.

For each new engagement, we assemble a multidisciplinary

The Benefits Of Fellowship

Our Firm’s Fellowship Agreement addresses engagement pursuit, engagement delivery, technical staffing and strategic resourcing.  As we grow our business and pursue other initiatives, our strategy is to leverage the Fellows Agreement in working with industry professionals to collaborate on successful client pursuits and develop thought leadership around key industry topics.

The ProSidian Fellowship Agreement offers a mutually beneficial structure for collaborating on business development and sharing the benefits.  The agreement also outlines how professional rates would be structured should the Fellow choose to assist/participate in a client serving role on successful pursuits.

Through our Fellowship Program, ProSidian Engagement teams work towards securing opportunities which leverage our solutions platform and experiences to support business development initiatives as well as pursue other areas of mutual interest with organizations in both Private and Public Sector.

Why Partner With ProSidian Consulting?

The ProSidian Fellowship Program has been in existence since 2008 and has created very successful partners.  We choose fellows based on their expertise, integrity, and drive to achieve success.  ProSidian’s Fellowship Program has two goals: first, to drive revenue growth and second, to target market areas our direct sales organization cannot sufficiently access.

Two key factors contribute to the success of any ProSidian Fellow:

  1. Fellowship Commitment – in time, energy and expertise through collaboration)
  2. Open Communication – to evaluate new opportunities and adjust solutions as required. 


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