ProSidian Consulting Is Looking For “Great People Who Lead.” In fact, ProSidian is always looking for qualified, dedicated professionals at all levels in the organization. We hire individuals who have depth and breadth of experience and a functional, technical, or industry specialty.

What attracts professionals to build careers at ProSidian Consulting? Many ProSidian employees say it is our culture. Our employees place client reference ability, teamwork, integrity, and accountability, above all else. ProSidian’s culture values the individual’s contributions and provides the resources you need to excel. In addition, there is a positive, goal-oriented attitude.

Our vision is to be recognized as the trusted business advisor to clients in the markets we serve. We help clients develop business strategies, improve operational effectiveness, and implement the projects required to achieve results.

We are challenged to win, and we play to win. The ProSidian Culture supports teamwork in flexible project teams, across disciplines, and throughout the organization. Our collective efforts focus on meeting the client’s needs first and foremost through a culture where an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the individual form the cornerstone of advisory services


We offer a People-Focused “On-Demand” Consulting Model where you can work where you live; we do not require our consultants to re-locate … work where you choose.  The experience you gain as a ProSidian Consultant will enable you to define your path, build – Connect – Grow while also making a difference for our clients, our families, and the communities we live and work.

Taken together, this describes the growing culture and a career at ProSidian Consulting.  We’ve spent a lot of time with candidates—from undergraduates to MBAs, experienced hires, industry professionals, and subject matter experts — and they describe what they want in their ideal job and career in similar ways:

  • To work with smart, interesting people with diverse backgrounds to solve the most significant challenges across private, public, and social sectors
  • A community of people they enjoy and teams that work well together
  • Meaningful work where skills have an impact and make a difference
  • To continually learn and grow and to view the world as their classroom

The following are Emerging Focus Areas for where we are actively recruiting:


ProSidian’s mission to help forward-thinking clients solve problems and improve operations. We, together with our employee, contractor, fellowship, and strategic alliance ecosystem, will work with you to create long-term sustainable value by focusing on results today while innovating and evolving for tomorrow.  Know someone who is looking for the right career or contract work environment? 

Research has shown, and our own experience supports, that Employee and Contractor hires who come into our organization through Engagement Team Member, Fellows, Contractors, Employees, and Collaborating Partner referrals are excellent contributors, stay with us longer, and are more cost-effective to recruit.  Our employee referral program encourages you to introduce your talented friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at ProSidian Consulting.  

Whether you are looking for a long or short-term assignment, to work as an independent contractor, ProSidian employee, or a permanent position with a client company, we can help.  This is an excellent time to register in our system so we can match you appropriately with opportunities.  Forwarding your resume or CV to us will give us a chance to review your background and career objectives.