Changing business practices and burgeoning regulatory requirements mean that organizations require a broader and clearer perspective on compliance risk than ever before.  As a result, enterprise-wide compliance management is fast ascending the organizational agenda. 

Effective Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is the inflection point for sustaining business and stakeholder value.  External factors impacting compliance include industry regulations, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, stakeholder expectations, and public/political pressure.

Likewise, organizations face internal GRC pressures caused by activities and processes for market place transactions, outsourcing initiatives, and social responsibility commitments.  Technological innovation, globalization, complex regulation and increased accountability at management and other stakeholder levels have all combined to significantly change the landscape of compliance management today. 

Key Attributes Of Our Approach

  • Dedicated Compliance Program Solutions
  • Institutionalization Of Behaviors 
  • Enhanced Oversight And Controls 
  • Delegation Of Authority And Segregation Of Duties
  • Independent External Review
  • GRC Automation And Application Of Technology 
  • Consistent Operational Approach
  • Scalable Platform With People And Process Enablers
  • Co-Sourcing And Strategic Resourcing To Meet Expectations
  • Management Response To Multiple Rules And Regulations In Varying Markets

The Compliance management consulting professionals of ProSidian are also industry-based risk specialists, who not only assess compliance risk but also transform an organization’s compliance management systems to make them more effective and help avoid surprises.

We help identify and manage compliance issues inherent to the organization by incorporating business drivers and initiatives with critical mitigation activities based on management’s expectations of appropriate response to applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

The “Big Picture” of our risk based compliance approach is that we address obstacles that impede progress toward achieving objectives.  We augment initiatives at the business unit, process, technology and data levels throughout the organization.

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